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The following is a very simple 3-step process in preparing your Textured Vegetarian Protein product (“TVP”)

  1. Measure a 1:1 ratio of TVP and water and pour the TVP into the water.
  2. Allow the TVP to soak in the water for roughly 20 minutes allowing the TVP to absorb the water and become moist and fluffy.

  3. Pour the soaked TVP through a strainer and remove water, after that squeeze the TVP product to remove any excess water that’s absorbed in the TVP.

You now have a flexible TVP product that you can now use as you desire.

Remember that TVP does not have a lot of flavour and just like tofu it is remarkable in the way it picks up flavours. Season it, marinate it, smoke it, grill it, the options are endless.

How to Prepare Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP): Recipes
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